We want children to be best friends with their dogs. That’s why children are an important part of a Schnauzer puppy’s socialization. If a dog has a bad experience with children or no experience with children, it can make them afraid of or aggressive towards children in the future. We are one of few Miniature Schnauzer breeders whose puppies have spent time with children from a young age. Before you get your Schnauzer puppy, you should understand how to introduce a puppy to children, and continue their socialization.

Before you get your puppy

If you have children, it’s a good idea to talk to them before you bring your puppy home.

They should know:

Even if you don’t have children, you still want your Schnauzer to be comfortable around them. If you can, find a friend with children your puppy can play with.

Meeting your Schnauzer Breeder

When the day comes to pick the puppy up from your Schnauzer breeder, first impressions are important. Getting a new puppy is exciting, but for a first meeting, try to keep the children as quiet and calm as possible.

We recommend having an adult hold the puppy while the children pet it gently. If the puppy seems overwhelmed take a break, and go back to petting it later.

At home

Once your puppy is home, you need to make sure that both your puppy and your children continue to have positive interactions with each other. Your children should be allowed and encouraged to interact with your puppy, but they need to do it nicely. Don’t allow children to roughhouse or mistreat the dog in any way. Don’t allow the puppy to bite or jump on the children. Even if the puppy is playing, the rules on biting and jumping need to stay consistent.

Having a family dog is a great experience for kids and with a little care, it can be a great experience for your Schnauzer too.