Exercise for your Miniature Schnauzer
We all know a Miniature Schnauzer needs some form of exercise. It’s always on our minds as responsible dog owners. But, how much exercise do they really need, and is there such a thing as over-exercising your miniature schnauzer?
Most experts suggest a daily exercise routine of around 30 to 60 minutes as ideal for your miniature schnauzer. Walking, dog parks and agility courses are common forms of exercise that many schnauzer owners choose. Ultimately, there needs to be a mutually beneficial relationship between owner and dog where both can succeed. An adopter might set out to walk every day and realize they don’t enjoy walking enough to follow through. Many adopters may find it tempting to choose only one form of exercise. But, we find that a variety of activities is best to keep a regular activity level and fight burnout.

Many adopters don’t realize that too much exercise can hurt your Schnauzer’s long-term health. Adopters will often make the mistake of running with their puppy for a long time. A young Schnauzer’s growth plates and ligaments are often vulnerable to the wear and tear of lots of running.
Roughhousing can also be a big cause of injuries. Adopters should watch their dog at dog parks and make sure they don’t play too hard with the other dogs. Both the cruciate ligaments and patellar tendons are prone to injury in the miniature schnauzer breed and are typically hurt during intense playtimes.
It is in the best interest of your dog to commit to an exercise routine. The long-term health and mental benefits for your schnauzer are great. For instance, heart health, mental stimulation, and joint maintenance can all benefit from exercise. A long-term exercise routine might be one of the best things you can do for your Miniature Schnauzer.