Train your puppy to stop biting

If it’s not dealt with properly, biting can become a problem for a Miniature Schnauzer in its new home. That’s why it’s best to train your puppy not to bite before their behavior gets too far. For the most part, a puppy’s biting isn’t intended to be aggressive. They explore their world through their mouths and will chew or bite unfamiliar objects.

Puppies will also bite their littermates as a part of natural play. If they bite too hard, the other puppies will yelp sharply to let them know it hurt. Even though it’s playing, it’s not a behavior you want your dog to continue.

How do you train your puppy to stop biting?

We use a no-bite rule for all of our puppies because puppies need to learn from early on that biting people is not acceptable.

There are a few training techniques we use for biting.

Puppies aren’t biting maliciously so, if you consistently let them know that biting is not a tolerated part of play, they will quickly learn not to bite. This means that if you know how to train your Miniature Schnauzer puppy not to bite, and you use the no bite rule consistently, there should be no problems in your no bite training.